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Transactions can be conlcuded at either or, who basically ensure we only get paid once you are happy you have the domain.

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June 2013: - we're going through the list trying to get rid of older that shouln't really be on the site, as they are not dot-coms and are more exact match search domains.  In the meantime, we'd be delighted to tailor you a list.

Thanks for reading. 

Customer Quotes is an honest and reputable company. I found our negotiation to be reasonable, and was able to get a better price for my domain than expected.
Justin Milano
Purchased Justin previously founded and successfully exited
You the man!! Thanks a lot for looking out for this and notifying me.
Thomas Fast
Purchased Soon after he purchased, we noticed a similar name would be available soon for anyone to register. We informed Thomas of this fact and told him how to acquire it.
I recently purchased a domain from Alan and found him to be friendly and fair in negotiation. It was a smooth and fast transfer.
Sean Anderson

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So the heck are we anyways?

We're, a crazy-about-naming firm where you can obtain goal achieving premium domains.

Why purchase a premium domain name?

Because it could greatly assist you in reaching your Internet goals - it is the link that could help you create a virtuous cycle between your content and users.

And - it need not blow the bank. Also, of course, because your competitors could be stuck with a second rate name, failing to spot the opportunity.

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And we hope to have a solution for you. Sold @ $1,000 Sold @ $1,000 Sold @ $888 Sold @ $1,500 sold @ $1,500 sold @ $1,222 Sold @ $1,500 Sold @ $888 Sold @ $950 Sold @ $2,222 sold @ $2,000 sold @ $25,000 (ultra-premium name with traffic, for the buyer it's actually a great deal). sold @ $2,222

+ many more..

So how does the process work exactly? Are your funds safe?




Because your security is paramount, we've teamed up with a company called This is fully owned by Godaddy, the largest domain registrar on the Internet, now quoted on the Stock Exchange.

In a domain transaction, the funds are paid by you to the broker, Afternic, who for most transactions accept PayPal. Only after both you and the broker,, are 100% satisfied the domain has been transferred, are the funds released.

We also use the well known brokerage if you prefer, or indeed any reputable broker of your choice.

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"But Alan, shouldn't you guys be building out these domains?" Bounce:


That's why we've built out the following sites. Some are going well with 30% returning visits and bounce rates less than 20% as you can see from the analytics graphic to the left. There's some not going so well and need work. Talk is cheap on dev work so... we'll say nothing now.

Here's the list:-

So we've been able to redirect around 45% of the names into these sites. So bargain hunter names get redirected into etc.

namedream namedream

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